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Myth & Music

Rejoice, release, and exhale! Allow yourself to drift into a dreamlike trance, whilst Cesair accompanies you into a mythical world of fantasy and enchantment. Relax and unwind into the warm embrace of this profound music and you will awaken recharged.

5000 years ago, our vast oceans were sailed by a mythological princess named Cesair. Now, the chapters of her journey are set to song; her stories are woven through melody and lyrics; her legend is preserved through the band which adopted her name. Cesair’s music echoes the tales of our ancestors and honours the spiritual and cultural heritage of lands spanning the Orient and Occident.

Cesair’s spell casts ethereal melodies with stories sung in a multitude of tongues. Lyrics from other lands are understood through the deep emotions experienced through this transformative music. As you absorb this exhilarating blend of Eastern sounds with modern European folk, you will feel kinship and connection with those near and far; present and past. Come and experience the journey. Allow Cesair to set you free.

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Upcoming Concerts

17.08.2024 - 18.08.2024
Middeleeuws Winschoten
Winschoten, NL